Packing material

Packing materials

When anyone decides to relocate from one place to another he/she is already experiencing the emotional turmoil of leaving a place behind and coping up with a new environment. If someone is relocating, their main concern is safety and care of their valuable goods. Valuable things like TV, Fridge, Wardrobes & Kitchen Utensils need very delicate handling. And to keep things safe all of these things need very good and professional packaging.
We at Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP have huge experience in packaging of materials. We follow the highest standards required for such processes, packing all your goods as per its requirement.
We make sure the material used for packaging is appropriate for the nature and volume of type of goods. We use premium quality packaging material that protect the goods from weather, breakage etc. We use all ISO manufactured packaging material and this material is quality checked at regular intervals. The packing material used is supervised in regular intervals since it’s considered to be an essential part for the safe delivery of goods. We will make sure our customer is fully satisfied with our packaging before it is moved for transportation.
Following types of packaging materials are used at Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP:

Plywood Boxes:
The plywood boxes we use are made up of best quality ISI marked plywood. They are available in different types and sizes. Plywood boxes are meant to carry heavy loads such as Wardrobes, Racks, Refrigerators, Television sets etc. They have the capacity to sustain in any weather conditions for longer period and longer distances.
Wooden Boxes:
The wooden boxes we use for packaging are fully customized as per your needs. They are manufactured through quality wood and are very much reliable. In these wooden boxes you will be able to transport many things such as Kitchen Utensils, Crockery etc.
Corrugated Boxes/ Cartons:
We use these cardboard boxes for packing many things such as books, clothes, kitchen utensils, groceries etc.
Air Bubble Pouches:
These Air bubble Pouches are meant to pack delicate materials such as crockery, glass artifacts etc.
Bubble Sheet Roles:
Bubble Sheet Roles are used to pack delicate but bigger things like Mirrors, dressing tables, Wardrobes etc. These sheets are used to prevent the goods from damage during handling and transportation.
Foam Roll:
We use different types of Foam rolls for packing your materials such as perforated, non-perforated and anti-static. They are used to pack heavy items as per your requirement.
Thermocol Sheets and Boxes:
Thermocol is used for packaging of fragile items. They can be used as gap fillers also.
Cushion Wrapping:
We use cushion wrapping techniques especially for electronic items which will ensure they are not damaged due to jerk and bumps during transportation.
Stretch Wrap Films:
Stretch wrap films are used for sealing purposes. After packing in boxes and cartons these films will ensure that packages are sealed properly.
Packing Straps:
Our packing straps will seal all the goods very well and also will help our workers to handle the goods effectively.
Plastic Sutli:
These high quality Sutli are used to tie bags or stitch them. They are easy to use, strong and light weight for any tying purposes.
BOPP Tapes:
Bopp tapes are used for sealing purposes.