Shifting Process

Shifting Process for Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP

Rufous Relocations Packers & Movers follow a very simple, customer friendly and systematic process. We want our customers to be thoroughly satisfied.
Shifting from one place to other is not a task which anyone can handle by himself. When you have a long list of goods to be transported, the best option is to hire a professional transport service. We at Rufous take care of all your shifting processes. Be assured you will get the best service possible.
When you’ve got an idea when you’re moving home or office all you have to do is book an appointment with Rufous Relocations packers and movers, and get relaxed. We will take care all of these tedious tasks for you.

We follow a Systematic Shifting Process for each of our customers 

  1. Contact Us:
    • Contacting us is very simple and easy.
    • Call us at our Helpline number very easily at +91-8397000163
    • You can fill up a quick online inquiry form at our website
    • You can email us at:
  2. Your inquiry will always be handled with high priority, and you will get an immediate reply from our customer support executives. They will connect to you to through a separate field executive who will handle all your shifting process till you have reached your destination.

  3. Pre Survey:
    • Our executives come at your place and will analyze the goods needed to be packed.
    • They will assist you to choose the right vehicle for transportation.
    • You need to provide them packing list. They will assist you to make the packing list too if needed.
    • You need to provide the other documents if needed in case of vehicle or any other valuables transport.
    • The executives will finalize with the proper packing material.
    • The executive will let you know the estimate of the cost as well.
    • The executive will brief you regarding all the terms and conditions.
  4. Booking - Once everything is perfectly matched up like the financial details and date of transportation, the booking is confirmed.
  5. Packing
    • Our executive along with necessary field officers will come a day before transportation.
    • They will bring all necessary packing material with them.
    • They will start packing as per the packing list given and finalized by you.
    • Once all the things are packed properly, they will finalize the time of transportation as per your consent.
    • All the documents and packing lists will be checked once.
  6. Transportation
    • Once all the boxes are packed properly carriers will arrive at your place.
    • All goods will be loaded to the transportation vehicles.
    • Our trained staff will take care of this process smoothly.
  7. Customer Care/Help Desk - You can always track your consignment by contacting the driver or field executive. In case there is any problem reaching them, you can always contact at our Help Desk. They will inform you the position of your transport vehicle.
  8. Unloading at destination:
    • Once your consignment reaches the destination, your goods will be unloaded from the transport vehicle.
    • They will assist you with major unpacking too.
  9. Feedback - Kindly fill up the Feedback Form provided by our Field Executive.