Frequently Asked Questions

Ques : How to Book a Service from Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP?
Ans : You can book either through the "Online Enquiry Form" or by calling directly at our Contact Number, 08397000163 or mail Us at info@rufousrelocations.com.
Ques : How many hours earlier should we contact the company?
Ans : Minimum 24 hours.
Ques : What is the time taken by a Pre-Move Survey
Ans : Usually three hours.
Ques : Is insurance necessary?
Ans : Insurance is not necessary however; it is recommended and is a financial sheath against any damage or theft of goods etc.
Ques : What should be the basis of insurance coverage?
Ans : The monetary value of the goods should be the sole basis of getting a perfect insurance coverage for the same.
Ques : What should I do during the move?
Ans : Hand over necessary documents such as transfer letter or joining letter or RC of vehicle moving.
Ques : What containers should be preferred for transport?
Ans : It is always advisable to prefer sealed weather proofed covered containers.
Ques : How long packing and moving of your goods would take?
Ans : Normally, it takes 2.5-3 hours to pack all the stuffs per room.
Ques : How should I move my car?
Ans : We have well-maintained high capacity containers to accommodate your car.
Ques : Why Should I choose Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP?
Ans : We believe in delivering more than what we actually commit as compared to other packers and movers industry.
Ques : How can I track my consignments, goods status?
Ans : You can track goods status online. Alternatively, You can also directly call to the drivers and customer care department to our staff.