Beware of Frauds

Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP are Safe

When you decide to move from one place to other and hire a packers and movers for your assistance you will find a variety of such companies in the market. Before choosing any packers and movers agency you must select wisely and beware of the consequences of hiring a fraud company.

There are some previous cases where some of the fraud packers and movers companies have disappeared with the transport trucks packed with the customers’ goods. There have been many such cases where customers have suffered extremely.

Let’s have a look at how fraud companies work 
  1. Attractive websites or online presence.
    • Every business in India is coming online, and the packers and movers industry is also not far behind. There are many genuine companies present online; some of them could be fraud too.
    • They have taken the advantage of the internet boom, and engage customers with attractive web portals. Any normal customer who is unaware of these frauds may easily fall into their trap.
    • They may provide fake online reviews and testimonials from consumers.
  2. False Classified listings - By paying money to classified sites these fraud companies come higher into their listings.
  3. Fake Promises and unwanted favors - Fraud packers and movers companies give attractive commitments to consumers which are actually false. These commitments could by anything from convincing the customer they would deliver the consignment in a very short time to giving some free gifts for using their services. And, the result is the goods either disappear or even if they are delivered, that is done after a one month delay
  4. Lower Rates - To acquire consumer these fraud companies may quote extremely lower rates than the current market rates. They also tend to club the goods with those of other customers and wait until they have sufficient quantity of customers’ goods to fill up the entire truck. This results in huge delays for the original customer.
The following precautions need to be taken before choosing a reliable Transport Company.
  1. Check if that transport company has a proper office.
  2. If possible you can visit the office and clarify yourself.
  3. Check if that company is registered, you can ask them to show their registration details. By this you will come to know, for how long the company is in business.
  4. Check if all of their customer support helpdesk numbers are working.
  5. Whenever dealing with any of their staff or letting them inside your house you should ask for and examine their identity cards.
  6. You can also ask for their personal numbers and cross check their backgrounds.
  7. Before your consignment leaves for transportation, check all the vehicle documents like Transport permit, registration number etc. Take a copy of the driver’s license.
  8. Make sure you take a proper receipt with service tax. It is a small extra price you are paying for the safety of your precious goods.
  9. Load and unload the goods in your presence.
  10. Check your packing list from time to time.
  11. Get your goods insured properly. And ask for the details of the insurance money and documents in advance.
  12. Check for weather conditions so the company should not get any chance to commit a malpractice while blaming any natural calamity.
We at Rufous Relocations Packers and Movers LLP will ensure to take care of your goods and make sure everything is verified and all documents are in shape. Rufous makes moving a smooth process for you. We thrive on our customers pleasant experiences with Rufous.